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As you might have realized by now I do not talk that often about paintings here on my cozy lil’ blog. Let me assure you dear reader this has nothing to do with me not liking paintings or not having any cross-references to Hollywood blockbusters at hand that would lead me to an all excited, witty blog entry. No, no… it’s just that everybody else, from my friend A to my friend B, from the Späti guy to Jerry Saltz (I still love you, Jerry!), seems to talk about paintings when talking about art. And as a fiber artist myself, I have this urge to focus on, well, basically anything else than painting. But from time to time my love for some specific paintings do take control over my typing hands – and today is one of such occasions.

Vivian Greven - Looking at Art

Drinking From Vivian Greven’s Fairy Tale Fountain

Another oasis at this year’s Art Berlin fair were the works by Vivian Greven, an artist you’re very likely to know, maybe not by name but if you’re Instagram savvy very likely by her works.

Luckily for all of us, in our post-Art-Week condition, Vivian Greven’s works are still on view at gallery Aurel Scheibler until Nov 10.

Lose Yourself in Wild Romance

Oh the excitement. Can you feel it? Everyone talking about it. So should you! And justified, it seems. So dreamy, so beautiful. And where can we meet them all? At the biggest event that early fall. Did you get an invite? Will we dance together? All those outstanding people to be found, at such close quarters this special time of year. And yes, of course, (what else did you expect?) some quite arrogant and money spilling characters as well. But hey, we came here for the fun and the love of beauty. Look at your heart swell when you see those two divine, god-like creatures, setting eyes (and almost lips) on each other. Pure bliss. But what a shame, that it’s all over, all too soon. This magic air, once full of admiration, is done and gone. And you are back to where you were before. Still wishing to see more of the lovers and their dance. Through all those dreary days, others try their best to engage you in their play as well. Some will leave you amused, some will outright enrage you. What foolishness and just bad, bad specimen are out there to be found, wanting all to be part of your life. No matter how hard you wish for those ones, this awful lot, to disappear, they will stay and with there mere existence lessen everything you value. And if that were not quite enough, no matter where you turn, which moment of virtue you encounter, you are never far from arrogance, from being cast aside. But when those characters do fall in love with you and what you have to offer, they will go to the greatest lengths, be sure of that, and make you succeed in all your plans. With all those new attentions, it’s no surprise you are all that overwhelmed, and proud yourself. But this is not the right time to be vengeful, but the time to remember why you came here in the first place. For love installed, lasting longer than that one week’s dance.

Vivian Greven - Looking at Art

From Art Berlin and Amor & Psyche to Jane Austen

And for all of you who couldn’t follow my line of thought and writing, think not Art Berlin but Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice.

Yeah, and for all of you who still cannot follow that line of thought, think Colin Firth, not version 1.0. but 2.0. and Bridget Jones. Maybe that helps. (Sorry, Jane Austen).


And yes, do go and check out Vivian Greven’s artworks at gallery Aurel Scheibler. Not just because the works are really good but because no matter which exhibition I have come to see so far at Aurel Scheibler, the people working here had always time to have an informative chat with me about the art on view.

What’s up Next?

OK, ok, we’ll stick with paintings and poetry.

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