Testbild: Patterns of Power and Submission

Testbild - Televangelist Eddie L. Long
Testbild - Televangelist Paula White
Testbild - Televangelist Kenneth Copeland
Testbild - Televangelist Benny Hinn
Testbild - Televangelist Creflo Dollar
Testbild - Televangelist Joyce Meyer
About Testbild: Patterns of Power and Submission

Eddie L. Long
Paula White
Kenneth Copeland
Benny Hinn
Creflo Dollar
Joyce Meyer


Digital masters for machine embroidery.
120 cm x 90 cm

In 2007, the lavish spendings of six Televangelists came under fire resulting in an examination of their finances. The investigation questioned if their luxurious lifestyles (e.g. mansions and private jets) were financed by their TV viewers’ donations to their respective ministries.

In the series Testbild*, Angela looks at gestures of power and environments of submission. When the influential combination of signals of power and symbols of religion (aka make believe) are sown on fertile grounds, reward is predestined. The only question remaining is who actually stands to benefit.

*English: test card or test pattern