Like Home (Extended) – Letting Walls and Abstract Art Speak to You

like home - Angela, Looking at Art
Reliving Childhood Memories Through Abstract Works of Art Last time we talked I let my thoughts wander off the beaten path while looking at artworks in a group show... well, today won't be much different. But I'll stay way, way closer to the road of looking at – and talking about – art. Promised! Remember the...

Chthonic Rift or Letting Your Thoughts Wander off the Beaten Path

Chthonic Rift - Angela, Looking at Art
Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler As I was saying last time, I spend quite some time looking at art in Kreuzberg and so it happened that the other hot, hot evening I went to the opening of the group exhibition Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler. And you know what? - Upon viewing, like right there...

Fiber Art at Its Best – Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller - Angela, Looking at Art
Art Is More Than a Painting Decorating Your Living Room As I promised in my closing words last time, today we'll be surrounded by fluffy art. (P.S. I never said it won't get tough). But for now, think all things fluffy aka creatures of fibers. Fiber Art So I'm telling you guys, fiber fine art is out...