Monochrome Painting

Everybody Gets a Second Chance To Fall in Love with Colors

Everybody Gets a Second Chance to Fall in Love with Colors
How to Overcome Your Fear of Monochrome Paintings What? You're still not in love? You heartless soul. Ok, ok, I get it. You don't live in Berlin, had no private-jet-chance to see Monika's monochromes in person. Well, here's what I'm gonna do for you (because I'm so kind and because I'm so patient), I'm offering you...

The New iCanvas or Monika Baer’s Security vs Your Insecurity

Monika Baer - Angela, Looking at Art
On Falling in Love with Art As I was telling you in my last post, today is all about other people's art and sunshine. I fell in love very late in life. But when I did, it hit me hard. And I never wanted to be loveless again. But only the real thing. No tinder flirts...