Jutta Koether and Her Screaming Paintings

Jutta Koether in Harry Potter Land - Angela, Looking at Art
Magical and Terrifying Adventures in JK Land No, JK does not imply JK Rowling – and so you can feel relieved or sad that we're not in Harry Potter Land today. But seriously, I must admit I'm a tad disappointed! Have you already forgotten all about my farewell words from our last encounter ?? Sigh. Finally....

How to Look at Art – Part 2

Looking and Understanding Visual Art - Angela Kaisers
Looking and Understanding Visual Art is Easy – if You Know How Remember the other day? When Berlin was melting away? The day I was a non-painting, spider-sceptic artist that felt the urge to look at someone's else's art for once (yes, that does happen, as much as I love my own works) and yet...

How to Look at Art – Part 1

Angela Looking at Art
Looking at Some of the World's Best Visual Art from Your Couch at Home It's hot. Way too hot to step outside, too hot to find yourself out and about in the streets of Berlin. On a lake. Great. At the beach. Hell yeah. Berlin's streets. I think not. Instead of running down my four...