Fiber Art

Art Berlin or Lucky Lucy and the Berlin Gold Rush

Art Berlin - Angela, Looking at Art
An Art Fair to Remember Hello to all of you who've made it to the other side! I'm talking Berlin Art Week of course! But, no worries no matter where you are, in Berlin, in bed or in New York, I got you covered as before with talks on art, material and my extremely...

Fiber Artists on the Rise

Fiber Artist - Angela, Looking at Art
Thoughts Provoked by Me, Myself and Marlon Wobst Like a million years ago, I talked about childhood memories and abstract works of art. Now today, after a long long summer break, we'll start off with figures and fibers and a painter gone felt artist! Sounds familiar? Right, like that one artist chick aka myself, photographer...

Fiber Art at Its Best – Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller - Angela, Looking at Art
Art Is More Than a Painting Decorating Your Living Room As I promised in my closing words last time, today we'll be surrounded by fluffy art. (P.S. I never said it won't get tough). But for now, think all things fluffy aka creatures of fibers. Fiber Art So I'm telling you guys, fiber fine art is out...