Trümmerfrauen – One Work of Art to Rule Them All

Trümmerfrau - Angela, Looking at Art
Angela, Looking at Her Own Art As promised, today I will take you on another excursion! Yay! Well, now don't be disappointed in a sec and head over to the next best travel blog you come across when I say it's not a geographical one but one that goes straight into yours truly's heart aka...

An Artwork Doesn’t Need to Be a One-Night Stand

LUCKY: Jimmy Carter & Patty Hearst
Jimmy & Patty feeling LUCKY at nGbK Berlin Since my last weeks and coming weeks have been and will be all about the wonderful (yes, truly so) exhibition LUCKY at nGbK Berlin curated by the equally wonderful Coven Berlin, today I will talk about my work Jimmy Carter & Patty Hearst which is part of...