Like Home (Extended) – Letting Walls and Abstract Art Speak to You

like home - Angela, Looking at Art
Reliving Childhood Memories Through Abstract Works of Art Last time we talked I let my thoughts wander off the beaten path while looking at artworks in a group show... well, today won't be much different. But I'll stay way, way closer to the road of looking at – and talking about – art. Promised! Remember the...

Art and Emotions – Curating Jutta Koether’s Vivid Works

Art and Emotions - Angela, Looking at Art
Daniel Buchholz's Fantastic Jutta Koether Horror Show Last time we met and talked Jutta Koether's art, I wrote a lot. Like a lot lot. And consequently poor you had to read a lot. Or fall asleep mid-way through, pretending you made it to the end. Now, I'm not always a sadist, so let's make it...