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In Role Models Angela reflects on the significance and status of figures from past time popular culture, politics, and historic events. Each artwork is based on a specifically selected group and consists of ten portraits, layered on top of each other. The common link between each group of people is their past or alleged status as role models. Due to the selection and positioning of these figures into the context of today, with new gained knowledge, personal development, and critical reflections, she tackles their status as role models and invites to discuss anew their role in society, history and personal memory.

Trümmerfrauen (Rubble Women) in postwar Germany (late 1940s) who were used as a tool to distract from the deeds of the Germans in World War II, rather than to actually help clean up destroyed cities.
Teen Idols from the 1990s who died – way too young and too soon – in this very decade
Athletes who won competitions using performance-enhancing drugs
Conquistadors from Spain
Male characters spanking female characters in Hollywood films 1930s-1960s (10 out of hundreds of couples & scenes)


Digital design for machine embroidery.
90 cm X 90 cm