Fiber Art at Its Best – Patricia Waller

Art Is More Than a Painting Decorating Your Living Room

Fiber Art - Patricia Waller

As I promised in my closing words last time, today we’ll be surrounded by fluffy art. (P.S. I never said it won’t get tough). But for now, think all things fluffy aka creatures of fibers.

Fiber Art

So I’m telling you guys, fiber fine art is out there! It’s big and you should all start collecting. Right now. No, that has nothing to do with me doing embroidery artworks. Not at all. I just know what’s a great artistic technique when I start using one. Ha!

One of those fiber artists I’m referring to is crochet-hero Patricia Waller. And since it was a wonderful Spring day and my life seemingly exists only around art and not lakes, I got my kicks and hence you get your write up on Patricia Waller and her exhibition Innocent. *

* If you’re in Berlin, say “Hi!” to Patricia’s works yourself! But be quick – the show is only on view till June 30, 2018!

Patricia Waller at Galerie Deschler Berlin

61 Auguststrasse, Berlin. A quiet sunny post Gallery Weekend afternoon. Matt Damon stands motionless on the street gazing through the window in front of him. He begins crying.

Out of nowhere and out of the blue blue sky, hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers storm into the gallery. Surprise! Out from behind the registrar’s desk and from the dark dark basement, hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers hastily emerge and start shooting at the newcomers. All of them die. All. Except for Tom Hanks and his BFFs. A firework of grenades, bombs and such. Everybody is excited, lots of limbs flying across the exhibition space. Steven Spielberg is happy, so is the audience. Veterans indulge in fond memories.

Tom is making his way through art, limbs and blood. Dead soldiers and half-dead ones. Jonny, Cinderella, Toby, George. No Ryan. Steven fires up some more blood and limbs. Still, no Ryan. Rinse and repeat. No Ryan. But more blood and limbs. Like everywhere.

Finally, everyone agrees that Steven and Tom have made their point, are bored or have better things to do. So, Matt get’s in, has his say, fight for my country blah, more shooting, blood and limbs. Someone has the great idea to only have Matt Ryan survive. That makes Matt cry again. And Steven rich. And no one more critical of war.

Who’s Afraid of Patricia Waller?

This is why we have and need artists like Patricia Waller. And this is why a lot of people don’t like aka are afraid of contemporary art. Because it makes them think, worse it makes them reflect. Yeah, on war. But worse, on their own life, privileges and hypocrisies.

But why be mad? It’s never too late to learn and change!

Face to Face with Fiber Art

Face to Face

And this is exactly where you come in and will be the good one in this scenario. I know you can do it! Don’t shy away but be brave and face what’s here to greet you.


Now darling, just keep in mind what I told you about relating your weekend trips to the art you come across. As you see, you can relate movies – and, hey yes (and this is the important part) world wide, let’s call them as the politicians do, “incidents” – to what’s on show at your local gallery.

Ok, maybe not every gallery. Maybe not the ones that show only cows in green on grass in blue (apparently sells well though).

What’s up Next?

In the future, we’ll venture into the past. Millions of years ago, a few years back. And I’m not even going to mention Back To The Future once. Promise. Sorry. Whatever exclamation you prefer.

Let’s Chat!

Any pre-experienced viewers of political art here? What was the most impressive exhibition or work of art you saw that led to a political discussion?

Don’t be shy and leave a reply!

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