Paolo Colombo – How to Serenely Stroke One’s Broken Soul

Love in the Time of Insanity

Hello again. I know, I know I took a break. Or maybe I should just say I was still way too much wrapped up in Vivian Greven’s paintings to just go on write about some other art?

But to be honest, I indeed have been busy. With new works in the making but mainly with fighting bad tempered people and the setting fall. But let’s not stay moody but positive. And when you let love happen it will come to you, when you let others heal you, they will do. Or so I forcibly told myself – and I must admit my mantra did not disappoint. The moment I allowed my eyes to touch (or rather: my soul to get touched by) Paolo Colombo’s watercolor paintings, recuperation was immediate.

But let’s take it slow – and let me take you with me on yet another journey, through time, and yes, space as well.

Paolo Colombo - Looking at Art

Paolo Colombo’s Watercolor Paintings at Baert Gallery, L.A.

Flash back. To many, many years ago. To the city I would still call the love of my life. The city of fog, ocean and bay. I once called North Beach my home. At a time when the Mission was a place to avoid not to sit down for a fancy brunch or to grab a decaf triple almond latte. What made me fall in love with this city were the little things. Like going grocery shopping, walking up and down the hills with the blue of the bay and the Pacific Ocean always by your side. The ocean. Serenity, peace. And that mesmerizing feeling of instantly leading a better life, being a better person.

But it’s not just a sea of calming waves in Paolo Colombo’s works that remind me of San Francisco, me living there to be specific, but also the poetry that comes with the works. Not just in words but in the ever so soft brush strokes, the very ones that neatly weave the ocean waves for me as well.

City Lights Bookstore. Caffè Trieste… even though I rarely went there, since this was the place where my stalker worked at (true story, but maybe for another blog post). I’m getting nostalgic and sea driven because of being deprived from the sea and because of thinking of times when I just started out studying art, when everything was simple and easy. Just because I was young? No, because I was an art world virgin, if you like. It was all fun and games. And the ocean to complete this picture perfect picture.

Paolo Colombo - Looking at Art

Infuse Yourself with Art

And hence you see, what made me fall in love with San Francisco is what made me fall in love with Paolo Colombo’s works. A feeling of tranquility, of being home and yet far away from all worldly concerns.

If you don’t have access to the sea – or even if you do – I recommend you to look at Paolo Colombo’s works on view till Nov 3 at Baert Gallery, Los Angeles and gain some serenity for your rushed and hurried life, some poetic stimulation and romantic connotations for your uninspired existence.

What Is Left to Say

I love artworks that have the power to calm you down and stimulate you at the same time. That is not a paradox, it just means they are in balance within themselves and can offer you this precious gift as well. Take it, don’t let it go by, unseen, unfelt.

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