Émilie Pitoiset’s Moving Sculptures at Klemm’s Berlin

Getting Out of Your Artistic Comfort Zone

Moving Sculptures

After ending my last write up with hopes of sculpture and fine arts for today’s lesson, you guys probably got all heated up dreaming of Michelangelo’s David and other marbles.

Well I’m sorry… but sculpture has already moved on.

Summer, Sun and Sculptures

For a few days Summer was back in Berlin. With its golden sun and warmth. With people smiling and hanging out in cafés and parks. Actually talking to each other not just a grunt here and there.

And because I’m still a human being – despite having been feeling a bit more like a machine the last couple weeks – I felt the urge to join my fellow sunbathers and hopped down those four flights of stairs like a rabbit released from its cage.

Off she went. A bit disorientated. It had been a while since I was wandering about my neighborhood. I wasn’t hungry, not even snackish, hence ice-cream as a destination didn’t quite make for an option. But when your head is full on buried in your own art and statements (well actually, it turned into a real manifest, I must admit) it’s quite helpful to remember that you’re not the only artist on this planet (that would actually be quite nice for a change, wouldn’t it? Talking to all those artists living in overdense artist-capitals aka sooo much competition aka no one’s curious to come across yet another artist. On that same note, you only think that way until you are the only artist somewhere and you end up being the village freak… life is tough. Angela, stop whining, keep typing.) Aaaaanyway, so I was meaning to say, it can be quite relieving to not look at your own art all the time but someone else’s works as well. So she did. Or planned to do. ‘Cause things took quite an unexpected turn.

Moving Sculptures, Moving my Mind

Off she went. Up a short flight of stairs and into the exhibition space of Klemm’s Berlin. Or so she thought.

Seconds later Frodo jumps at me, pulls me by his tiny side, pushes me down the rabbit hole, deep below some roots, hiding us from light and darkness. What to do? Scream? Probably a natural reaction. But when you look into a set of big blue eyes that penetrate your mind to please, please me and shut up… well, you do what you’re told. Sniffs and grunts holler over us while I don’t dare to move an inch. Sunshine and frolicking in the sun seems miles and Earths away. Then, first from far, then slowly coming closer, my ears detect the sound of some pretty decent hip-hop tunes. A beat hard to resist. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, this Ringwraith is trying to lure us, its prey, away from our comfort zone. A quick grip from Frodo’s hands forces me to stay put. But my eyes have seen what can’t be unseen: The rapping Nazgûl, complete with hoodie, chain and all. Hypnotizing. Frodo, you are a lucky one. As much as I can appreciate some quality rap music, these are not the kind of tunes to get me out my safe space. But we would be fools to believe our opponents would give up so easily. To tempt us they do not merely seduce us with a musical performance. Those figures know their moves. And show it too. It comes as no surprise that dance & music leads to more sports & chanting. Remember we are in Germany afterall. Think soccer, fans. And apparently, even after this year’s mess, it’s still the best selling, ahem, working tactic in this country here. Nazgûl shoots and scores. I almost feel sorry for that dark and hollow soul. I can admire how smooth you move – but no matter how good you are at what you do, my soccer obsessed times have long been gone.

And while the Ringwraiths do their moves, give a superb performance for my mind and eyes, a pegasus flies by, picks me up and carries me back into the last sunshine rays of this year’s summer season.

Yes, a pegasus. It’s my fantasy. And a pegasus it is.

Moving Sculpture

The Moral of Today’s Little Fairy Tale

What works for me are not the jewels you care about but the stories you provoke in me.

What’s up Next?

That was nice for starters, right? Yep, you lucky peeps get yet another write up on contemporary sculptures to look forward to!

Let’s Chat!

What’s your favorite art-fantasy-story? Or am I the only one having such thoughts when looking at art?

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