The New iCanvas or Monika Baer’s Security vs Your Insecurity

On Falling in Love with Art

Falling in Love with Art - Monika Baer

As I was telling you in my last post, today is all about other people’s art and sunshine.

I fell in love very late in life. But when I did, it hit me hard. And I never wanted to be loveless again. But only the real thing. No tinder flirts or shallow sexting. All or nothing at all.

I’m talking of course of falling in love with monochrome paintings.

But before I continue with this endearing fairy tale, a note from Apple.

Monika Baer at Galerie Barbara Weiss Berlin

After all that surprise sun, it was just a matter of time – and without the least bit of surprise for anyone who has spent some time in Berlin – to be covered in a net of grayness once again. And, yes, you’re absolutely right, it’s really hard to please me. So, of course, it’s also no surprise that having no sun nor high temperatures, left me not in high spirits as my thoughts the other day would have made you believe but rather in a depressed and melancholy mood.

With all that emotional baggage strapped to my mind, I found myself stumbling aimlessly through my Kreuzberg neighborhood. Apparently, shopping makes everybody else happy and I dragged my sad (so sad) little self to the Apple Store by the Kanal.

Amazed – and yet not in the least unpleased. Astounded – and yet quite relieved – no other customers nor employees around me. Storming at me while I took in the latest gadgets on display.

Yes, that should have made me wonder. And yes, question the whole set up. But I guess, their sleazy tactics already started working on me. Instead of becoming wary, I fully indulged in Apple’s selling strategy.

In my fragile state, it was an easy task to seduce me with their sentimental triggers, luring me to recall fond memories from the past. Childhood in the 1980s. Pastel colored clothes and everything.

But Apple didn’t just stop there. They knew why I came here, to this center of commercialism. The grayness of my mind, the heavy burden of my sunless heart. What better moment to sell me their new iCanvas not with painfully pouting selfies on display but with an endless ocean of soft yellowness.

All mingles. Swirls in front of my eyes and inside of my head. A state of colorful bliss. Nostalgic feelings from my childhood in powerful unity with one of the best antidepressants readily touching my mind. Sighs here and there, smiles everywhere. I start a little happy dance, whirling to the other side… *

*If you want to join me on the other side, head quickly over to Galerie Barbara Weiss before July 14, 2018!

iCanvas - Monika Baer

iCanvas – Recreating the Colors of Your Childhood

If iCanvas was an app offering you soothing and uplifting pastel yellow hues from your 1980s childhood to stare at, you would not only buy it but spend hours of your daily life doing so. Yes, love, you would. You already spend more time staring at the fire place on your screen than the one in your living room.

The Real Thing

Why not do the same with the real thing? No, not the fireplace. I honestly don’t care if you prefer to look at fake fire or actual hot burning smoking flames. What I do, really do, care about though is to make you look at monochrome paintings in real life.


Because you will never fall for them online or by looking at a catalogue.

And what I want for you, is to fall in love and leave your insecurity behind.

What’s up Next?

Well, I have the feeling you’re not convinced, still skeptic of the love I have to offer you. Another tete-a-tete with monochromatic (I never said monogamic!) art seems in demand. And hence, I’ll send you on some more romantic dates.


Let’s Chat!

Do you have a favorite color, one that calms you down and lifts your spirits up? And if I may discreetly ask – why is that?

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