When Method and Material Met History and Haptic

Sculptures Gone Emotional feat. Flurin Bisig and My Childhood Memories

Flurin Bisig - Material Wood

Yes, yes, we already talked sculptures not made of marble, not standing around in Florence last time (Important note: nothing against showing some naked men in art and non-art related situations though!). But since we’re already on that track (read: since I already broke you in at least a bit) let’s keep up that mood for another thought provoking comment (see, I got some good intentions!) from yours truly.

Material Girl

Here’s the thing: wood is awesome! Well, at least says the writer who grew up in the 1980s with some of her best toys being made from wood! Remember that material before plastic became the universal problem solver? But even in this day and age wood gets its chance and can happily tell its friends it’s part of something great. You should know me well enough by now that of course I’m talking art, not science. And surely you know by now that I will always prefer methods & material that have history & haptic over anything else. Remember, crochet, embroidery & felt!

Release Your Inner Child

Anyway, as I was saying – toys made out of wood, one thing. More awesome-and-incredibly-funny childhood memories come to mind though when thinking of wood as material in order to build things… and even better memories of how ridiculously unsuccessful my friends and I were at that task.

And it must come at not surprise that when I went to see the current exhibition 3X Sculpture at GNYP Gallery that Flurin Bisig’s wood sculpture evoked fond memories and intense emotions in my little mind and soul. Aaaand the very moment I put this thought into written words I see – and definitely hear – you, the sceptic reader, yell at me an unbelieving “Whaaat??”. Yes, you read me right. Let’s try and make that easier for you to grasp. My first thought was Trojan Rabbit. No, my historic knowledge is not fooling me, you can think Trojan Horse as well. Well, ok, alright, if horse is what you really want, than let’s talk about Flurin’s sculpture, all with title, shape and intriguing formation, infiltrating the gallery space, sneaking up on you, full of surprises. And we got a wonderful, deep going (art)historic discussion started. But if we go right away with the rabbit, not the horse, we don’t need all this sophisticated talk but could come straight to the emotional inner goods this creature has to offer us. So once again I say, the rabbit. And in my case, the rabbit comes with Monty Python and some of the best laughs I ever shared with the same friends who were as bad as me at making anything out of wooden planks, chunks and bits. When I stand in front of a sculpture that evokes all those memories, I do go through quite deep emotions. No matter how abstract the work. No matter how this was not the artist’s intention. Sorry, not sorry.


Now, I know, you’ll all say, wait all that childhood memory and abstract art talk, she used that all before. Well, I’ll probably use it again. And again. But here’s the thing. And a cool one too. It shouldn’t surprise you then but come as enlightenment aka “That makes total sense!”, that another one of Flurin Bisig’s wood sculptures is part of the follow up exhibition by curator Rüdiger Lange that made me talk about all my childhood memories related to abstract art in the first place. Ha!

Flurin Bisig - Material Wood

The Material Fire is Made Of

Now, my dears, the next time you fire up your (imaginary) fireplace with twigs and logs (it is getting chilly, isn’t it?) think of this fantastic material. And of what you can make of it.

What’s up Next?

Let’s talk about some more exciting material when I take you on a ride through Art Berlin, version 2018.

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So, how’s your building something meaningful out of wooden planks and pieces going? Design stuff is cool too! Take this as an opportunity to brag!

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