Angela, Looking at Art

In her blog Angela, Looking at Art, visual artist Angela Kaisers takes you on a humorous journey through the world of contemporary art and how to make sense of it all.

Angela, Looking at Art

The New iCanvas or Monika Baer’s Security vs Your Insecurity

Monika Baer - Angela, Looking at Art
On Falling in Love with Art As I was telling you in my last post, today is all about other people's art and sunshine. I fell in love very late in life. But when I did, it hit me hard. And I never wanted to be loveless again. But only the real thing. No tinder flirts or shallow sexting. All or...

An Artwork Doesn’t Need to Be a One-Night Stand

LUCKY: Jimmy Carter & Patty Hearst
Jimmy & Patty feeling LUCKY at nGbK Berlin Since my last weeks and coming weeks have been and will be all about the wonderful (yes, truly so) exhibition LUCKY at nGbK Berlin curated by the equally wonderful Coven Berlin, today I will talk about my work Jimmy Carter & Patty Hearst which is part of this exhibition. Exhibition Openings: Network vs...

Welcome to Jurassic World – Claudia Comte at the Kingdom of St Agnes

Claudia Comte - Angela, Looking at Art
How Art and Hollywood Just Don't Want to Get a Divorce Our last encounter took us to the battle fields of Tom, Matt and Steven. And despite knowing I had enough of Hollywood and its yawn-effecting blockbusters it dawns on my, I can't escape it. Another exhibition and another film world casts its shadows over me. But I had it coming,...

Fiber Art at Its Best – Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller - Angela, Looking at Art
Art Is More Than a Painting Decorating Your Living Room As I promised in my closing words last time, today we'll be surrounded by fluffy art. (P.S. I never said it won't get tough). But for now, think all things fluffy aka creatures of fibers. Fiber Art So I'm telling you guys, fiber fine art is out there! It's big and you...

Art and Emotions – Curating Jutta Koether’s Vivid Works

Art and Emotions - Angela, Looking at Art
Daniel Buchholz's Fantastic Jutta Koether Horror Show Last time we met and talked Jutta Koether's art, I wrote a lot. Like a lot lot. And consequently poor you had to read a lot. Or fall asleep mid-way through, pretending you made it to the end. Now, I'm not always a sadist, so let's make it easier on both of us...

Jutta Koether and Her Screaming Paintings

Jutta Koether in Harry Potter Land - Angela, Looking at Art
Magical and Terrifying Adventures in JK Land No, JK does not imply JK Rowling – and so you can feel relieved or sad that we're not in Harry Potter Land today. But seriously, I must admit I'm a tad disappointed! Have you already forgotten all about my farewell words from our last encounter ?? Sigh. Finally. It's Angela, Looking at Art Actually...