Angela, Looking at Art

In her blog Angela, Looking at Art, visual artist Angela Kaisers takes you on a humorous journey through the world of contemporary art and how to make sense of it all.

Angela, Looking at Art

Fiber Artists on the Rise

Fiber Artist - Angela, Looking at Art
Thoughts Provoked by Me, Myself and Marlon Wobst Like a million years ago, I talked about childhood memories and abstract works of art. Now today, after a long long summer break, we'll start off with figures and fibers and a painter gone felt artist! Sounds familiar? Right, like that one artist chick aka myself, photographer gone embroidery artist. The Fiber Artist...

Like Home (Extended) – Letting Walls and Abstract Art Speak to You

like home - Angela, Looking at Art
Reliving Childhood Memories Through Abstract Works of Art Last time we talked I let my thoughts wander off the beaten path while looking at artworks in a group show... well, today won't be much different. But I'll stay way, way closer to the road of looking at – and talking about – art. Promised! Remember the Good Times But before we get...

Chthonic Rift or Letting Your Thoughts Wander off the Beaten Path

Chthonic Rift - Angela, Looking at Art
Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler As I was saying last time, I spend quite some time looking at art in Kreuzberg and so it happened that the other hot, hot evening I went to the opening of the group exhibition Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler. And you know what? - Upon viewing, like right there in the space I knew...

LUCKY at nGbK – An Alternative Exhibition Guide

Lucky nGbK - Angela, Looking at Art
Batman, The Princess Bride, and House of Cards with a Touch of Sense & Sensibility And as I said the other day our journey today starts not far from where we met last time. But lucky you, today will take you away from all those heated city streets and into worlds of (ice cold) dreams and fantasies, right here at...

Trümmerfrauen – One Work of Art to Rule Them All

Trümmerfrau - Angela, Looking at Art
Angela, Looking at Her Own Art As promised, today I will take you on another excursion! Yay! Well, now don't be disappointed in a sec and head over to the next best travel blog you come across when I say it's not a geographical one but one that goes straight into yours truly's heart aka work of art. After my little...

Everybody Gets a Second Chance To Fall in Love with Colors

Everybody Gets a Second Chance to Fall in Love with Colors
How to Overcome Your Fear of Monochrome Paintings What? You're still not in love? You heartless soul. Ok, ok, I get it. You don't live in Berlin, had no private-jet-chance to see Monika's monochromes in person. Well, here's what I'm gonna do for you (because I'm so kind and because I'm so patient), I'm offering you a second, less restricted chance...