Angela, Looking at Art

In her blog Angela, Looking at Art, visual artist Angela Kaisers takes you on a humorous journey through the world of contemporary art and how to make sense of it all.

Angela, Looking at Art

White Lies or The Big Bad Bang

White Lies - Looking at Art
When Netflix and Chill Met Despina Stokou and White Lies Obviously, many things crossed my senses last week. Two of such things stuck with me and somehow connect to each other – or rather it is time we connect them with each other. Two things that even the bluest of oceans could not cover up with serenity and peace. One. I...

Paolo Colombo – How to Serenely Stroke One’s Broken Soul

Paolo Colombo - Angela, Looking at Art
Love in the Time of Insanity Hello again. I know, I know I took a break. Or maybe I should just say I was still way too much wrapped up in Vivian Greven's paintings to just go on write about some other art? But to be honest, I indeed have been busy. With new works in the making but mainly with...

Vivian Greven – Constellations of Love, Pride and Sensation

Vivian Greven - Angela, Looking at Art
The Picky Art Blog Lady As you might have realized by now I do not talk that often about paintings here on my cozy lil' blog. Let me assure you dear reader this has nothing to do with me not liking paintings or not having any cross-references to Hollywood blockbusters at hand that would lead me to an all excited,...

Art Berlin or Lucky Lucy and the Berlin Gold Rush

Art Berlin - Angela, Looking at Art
An Art Fair to Remember Hello to all of you who've made it to the other side! I'm talking Berlin Art Week of course! But, no worries no matter where you are, in Berlin, in bed or in New York, I got you covered as before with talks on art, material and my extremely subjective points of view. Yay! So...

When Method and Material Met History and Haptic

Flurin Bisig - Angela, Looking at Art
Sculptures Gone Emotional feat. Flurin Bisig and My Childhood Memories Yes, yes, we already talked sculptures not made of marble, not standing around in Florence last time (Important note: nothing against showing some naked men in art and non-art related situations though!). But since we're already on that track (read: since I already broke you in at least a bit)...

Émilie Pitoiset’s Moving Sculptures at Klemm’s Berlin

Emilie Pitoiset - Angela, Looking at Art
Getting Out of Your Artistic Comfort Zone After ending my last write up with hopes of sculpture and fine arts for today's lesson, you guys probably got all heated up dreaming of Michelangelo's David and other marbles. Well I'm sorry... but sculpture has already moved on. Summer, Sun and Sculptures For a few days Summer was back in Berlin. With its golden sun...