Liberty Leading The People?

Liberty Leading the People - Angela Kaisers
Liberty Leading The People?


Digital collage based on found footage material.
Fine Art Photo Print (Hahnemühle Baryta)
100 cm x 100 cm

In Liberty Leading the People? I look at influencers and opinion makers & shakers. I reflect on patterns found in mainstream media, trends and fads and how they shape the way we look at our own lives and society at large. How these structures and patterns can mobilize us into taking action but at the same time will let us, even make us, stay raging just within our own comfort zone, promising us to not have to let go of our privileges. Instead of tackling problems by the roots we are led into secure worlds of escapism. Building more walls and divisions instead of tearing them down.

Liberty Leading the People? is based on and a contemporary re-enactment of Eugène Delacroix’ painting Liberty Leading the People.