Jutta Koether and Her Screaming Paintings

Magical and Terrifying Adventures in JK Land

Jutta Koether and Harry Potter

No, JK does not imply JK Rowling – and so you can feel relieved or sad that we’re not in Harry Potter Land today. But seriously, I must admit I’m a tad disappointed! Have you already forgotten all about my farewell words from our last encounter ?? Sigh.

Finally. It’s Angela, Looking at Art

Actually it should be titled, Angela, looking at art several years ago. But let’s not be picky now, shall we?! Hint: you’ll get the (I’m sure highly awaited) moral at the end of me talking about art I saw in 2011. Which implies you have to read to the very very end – or at least annoyingly scroll all the way down. Ha, I’m so mean!

But now, let’s jump right into my personal – yes, highly (believe me) – subjective notes on Jutta Koether’s exhibition Berliner Schlüssel.

Jutta Koether at Galerie Daniel Buchholz Berlin

Dead end. Wall. Right in front of me. Sliding door, closed shut. Right next to me. Where to now? Wall. Déjà vu. How on earth does that Berlin Wall manage to resurrect itself so fast again? As then, at least on my side, it’s nicely decorated. With pictures. While bending down to look at them I start calling my chiropractor – ’cause if you’re taller than a school child you’ll def need an appointment ASAP.

Spoiler alert: I never get to make that call.

Drama ensues in front of me. Leaves no speech nor mindset for calling anyone. No cry for help escapes my lips. Only an inner voice chanting “Hello darkness, my old friend.” And Jutta. Sucking me and my soul right into never-ending tunnels. Tunnels with no light, no hope. But there’s little time to recover from this hopeless situation and the feeling you have when artworks wear black better than you do. No more sounds of silence when Jutta starts throwing mountains of flesh into my face. Neon pink is crawling up the walls. Up my spine, down my face, back into my eyes, eating up my retina. And no place to go. Door? No way, she took care of that. Out the window, jumping down the balcony and running off. Yeah, she saw that one coming too. I get upset. Tantrum fits, dizzy spells. Labyrinth. Damn, this is Harry Potter Land after all. I get annoyed by this thought. By the colors and the dead ends I keep running into. No magic tricks to get me out of here, no pause button to take a break. Jutta’s works are in a screaming contest with my eyes. A contest I am loosing. And that makes me mad. The pain of pink. My fear of small spaces. And jealous. Of Jutta having the gift to create artworks that have the power to do that to me.

Harry Potter in Jutta Koether Land?

Bottom Line: Emotions

Remember the beginning of the post? No, not when you hoped I was talking Harry Potter instead of visual art. Those lines that came right afterwards. Yes, exactly, when I said something about that me pulling up my ancient notes from an art exhibition years and years ago has a good reason. Still does. See, this show, Jutta Koether’s works, for me – so hey, maybe not for you – are all about emotions. And when I think back of the exhibition now I still feel that pink crawling up my spine. I don’t remember what exactly was pictured on the canvasses but, oh boy, that desperate feeling and me freaking out, that’s still all there. To this very day. Will still be there tomorrow.

Love, Hate, Disgust and Joy

Let them all out. Whatever you feel when you look at art, let it happen & let it out. Don’t be shy. It’s ok to feel something when looking at art. Actually, and honey, I hope this is not big news to you, that’s what it’s all about. As long as you feel something, whatever that is, the artist did it right!

Side note: if you never ever feel anything looking at any art, please contact your local therapist.

What’s up Next?

Well, prepare yourself. Even though you already read so much (aka scrolled all the way down) this is not the end of it. He he. I kept the best part for next time’s post. See, I am mean. No, no hint today. You actually have to come back next time. (This is like all the big blog shots are doing it these days, right? Tease, not please.)

Let’s Chat!

Ok guys. Am I being over dramatic or anybody else going through extreme emotions looking at art?

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