Art and Emotions – Curating Jutta Koether’s Vivid Works

Daniel Buchholz’s Fantastic Jutta Koether Horror Show

Curation - Jutta Koether

Last time we met and talked Jutta Koether’s art, I wrote a lot. Like a lot lot. And consequently poor you had to read a lot. Or fall asleep mid-way through, pretending you made it to the end. Now, I’m not always a sadist, so let’s make it easier on both of us this time. I will hold my tongue and let you go out and about after just a few paragraphs. Yay. (She’s gotten lazy, hasn’t she?)

Also last time, I made you be super anxious about today’s post because I used the ever so thrifty tactic that TV series – and nowadays blogs as well – have become famous for: cliffhangers. Not really sure if I succeeded in seducing you believing you should be back this time to get your happy ending. But, just saying, if you’re reading this… well.

Art and Emotions

Anyway, so as I was telling you, art and emotions, that’s a marriage that’ll last and – for me – was made in heaven. But when I say art, I do not simply mean artworks.

So, here it is. The big final thought on Jutta Koether’s exhibition Berliner Schlüssel.

It’s Not Just the Art Itself. It’s How and Where It’s Shown as Well.

Obviously, Jutta Koether’s works are making me squeal and feel very, really quite uncomfortable. Seriously. But as with the spiders that’s no biggie if you have the option to get away from it all. And this is where curation comes in. You know, that thing where someone decides which works to put here or there and letting one work be close with a specific other one. Like your older sister trying to set you up with that cutie from the coffee shop – but, oh boy, would she freak if she’d knew about you and that hottie from the gym. And when all this setting up is done well, we all get an extra layer of sensual experience. You, because your sister was right. Me, because I got to watch.

Curators Need Your Love Too

And here’s a thought now. Next time you go to view an exhibition (please, make it this year) keep what I just said in mind. Look not just at the works themselves but spend a second or two on how they are arranged.

Yes, let’s all praise the artists, naturally they’re the best (I’m definitely the best, in case you were ever doubting that) but to get that extra kick out of the work, there are others helping the artists’ baby’s birth along. You do know that if you’re a huge fan of a movie you shouldn’t just be praising the actors, right? Like directors, script writers… Well, art is no different. Yes, I said it.

What’s up Next?

For our upcoming date I thought we head over to one of those many war zones. But since I’m more a fan of fighting with words and works this battle field will be a fluffy site. Promised. He he.

Let’s Chat!

This will be a tough one. No worries, no need to answer now, take your time and come back in a year or two. Have you ever been to an exhibition where you fell in love with the installation of the works but couldn’t care less about the works themselves?

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