Leonard Cohen - Angela Kaisers
John Lennon - Angela Kaisers
George Michael - Angela Kaisers
James Dean -Angela Kaisers
Marilyn Monroe - Angela Kaisers
Elvis - Angela Kaisers
Jimi Hendrix - Angela Kaisers
Liz Taylor - Angela Kaisers
Prince - Angela Kaisers
About Idols

Leonard Cohen // John Lennon // George Michael // James Dean // Marilyn Monroe // Elvis Presley // Jimi Hendrix // Liz Taylor // Prince


Digitally manipulated photographs
Fine Art Photo Print (Hahnemühle Baryta)
100 cm x 100 cm

A representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly: a false god.
A likeness of something.
A form or appearance visible but without substance.
An objects of extreme devotion.
A false conception.

(Source: Merriam-Webster)