Welcome to Jurassic World – Claudia Comte at the Kingdom of St Agnes

How Art and Hollywood Just Don’t Want to Get a Divorce

Looking at Art - Claudia Comte

Our last encounter took us to the battle fields of Tom, Matt and Steven. And despite knowing I had enough of Hollywood and its yawn-effecting blockbusters it dawns on my, I can’t escape it. Another exhibition and another film world casts its shadows over me.

But I had it coming, all that research into movies for my own artworks, no wonder I can hardly think, feel, see anything else these days. I basically brainwashed myself for the sake of my own art. Life is tough. Just give me a minute here to whine a bit and pity myself.

Claudia Comte at König Galerie Berlin

Aaaand we’re back.

And for that matter, not just back but right back at it. At König Galerie Berlin and Claudia Comte’s exhibition When Dinosaurs Ruled The World.

Dinosaurs. World. Thank you, Claudia. How on earth should I possibly be able to escape Hollywood today? Seriously, who doesn’t think of Jurassic Park World Universe right away. Right? No, you thought of that too. Just because you won’t admit it because you’re too cool for school doesn’t mean you could escape the T-Rex franchise.

Blast from the Past

Take a deep breath. Forget about the title of the show, don’t even peek at the statement. No more words, just the work. With this mantra up I go, up the stairs to Claudia’s installation.

The moment I enter the exhibition space, just for a split second, I manage to forget about Jeff Goldblum’s maniac hand gestures and that feeling you get when a T-Rex breaths into your neck (we’ve all been there, haven’t we?!). For a split second and only because I seem to be one of Rick Moranis’ kids back in 1989. And to be honest, I’m not sure I like that feeling any better.

What surrounds me now instead of Universal Studios Hollywood is Angela’s Studio Berlin. And. It’s. Weird. Not just that I have the impression of being in a blown up version of my own installation of three years ago but rather that it feels like the blown up version of an ex lover right in front of me. Don’t we all dread this situation? Running into our ex on the street, realizing it’s too late and no chance to dodge them now?! Well, now time that by I don’t know, well, just blow it up, like Rick Moranis anno 1992. If the situation before was awkward, imagine what that feels like now!


The Letting Go - Claudia Comte

The Letting Go

See, thing is, some artists – and I’m so so one of them – make very different artworks in very different phases of their lives (remember Picasso blue, rose, cubic). And as it is with the lovers in your life, with some you’re still great friends and others you just want to get out of your life. You love your work. You hate it. You feel strongly about it. You never ever want to see it again. And you learn to let go and move on.

All I can see are trees that remind me of something else. No matter how much I try to focus on what Claudia has to say, it just won’t happen. And sometimes, you just have to let that happen and accept that your own associations are so strong, you can’t see what the artist has to offer you. You’re caught up in your own drama. And as we all know that has nothing to do whether we like the person that just asked us out, it’s all about us still trying to let go of things that belong in the past.

What’s up Next?

Oh wow, that went deep. So please, no more installations with trees until I’ve recovered. And that’s why next time we talk it’s about happy times and artworks hanging flat on the wall.

Let’s Chat!

Anyone been to Claudia Comte’s exhibition as well? Since I couldn’t come up with words to describe what I actually saw due to my emotional status, maybe you’d like to enlighten us!

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