Chthonic Rift or Letting Your Thoughts Wander off the Beaten Path

Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

As I was saying last time, I spend quite some time looking at art in Kreuzberg and so it happened that the other hot, hot evening I went to the opening of the group exhibition Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler. And you know what? – Upon viewing, like right there in the space I knew I wanted to tell you all about it and make you go check it out for yourself. And in my by now hopefully well known fashion to refer the art and exhibitions I come across to popular culture, preferable Hollywood mainstream movies, I immediately felt compelled to write about Hiddleston & Hiddlestoners, being King & seing Kong. And by the rank of Loki’s stardom & fandom I know this would have garnered me a viral post at once.

But here’s the thing. I just can’t. Cause next to Tom, Dick & Harry there are other things that instantly pop into my mind when viewing Chthonic Rift. Things and thoughts I just can’t ignore. Tom would have been more fun for you – and, yes probably me, but life is not a Ponyhof as we love to utter in Berlin. And hence today I will not let Marvel win but DC rule.

Behind the Scenes of the Artist as a Researcher

Let me take you back to the time I was busy playing with Aquaman. And decided to put him in the Mediterranean Sea. No, no worries it’s not a sneaky way of mine trying to sell you once again one of my very own works or at least / even worse make you read about it. Nope. Won’t happen today. What will happen today though is giving you a glimpse of my mind – i.e. showing you what else develops in my head, parallel to the artworks I create. An artwork’s research side effect, if you like. Which means, not only no Tom Hiddleston for you but also no talk on art. But I beg you, stay with me. This is important too.

So, today’s tragic fairy tale – brought back to my mind thanks to Chthonic Rift at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler – are a byproduct of my research for my artwork Plastic Polluted Mediterranean Sea feat. Aquaman.

And this is how the story goes:

The sad and true story of the Lanternfish

The Sad and True Story of the Lanternfish, Your Plastic Shopping Bags and Water Bottles.

The Lanternfish is a great, life saving fish. It‘s tiny in size (the smallest just about 2 cm with some getting as big as 30 cm) and huge in mass (with over half the ocean‘s fish-mass consisting of our little friends). On a daily basis humans have set out to fight this little fish though – not by fishing and eating it – but by feeding it with plastic debris. The plastic water bottles you throw away, the plastic bags you use, even the micro beads in your toothpaste. It all ends up in landfills – or the oceans, forming new islands no one wants to visit for their summer holidays. Plastic garbage is not biodegradable but that doesn‘t mean it‘s not falling apart into itsy bitsy, teenie weenie pieces. Fragments so alike in size (just a few millimeters) and color (clear, white and blue) of our dear Lanternfish‘s favorite food: plankton. Can you blame it for eating the plastic we feed it and not just the plankton it should? The reason I‘m so concerned about the Lanternfish‘s diet and its inevitable and linked demise (think starvation since plastic is not really a superfood, and toxins, because plastic is not really free of those) is not (just) because I‘m an animal lover & vegetarian and its death is breaking my heart, it‘s actually out of a way more universal reason: if Lanternfish diminish we are loosing our best tool of getting rid of the carbon we still so eagerly produce. This little fish and its big family clan have the ability to decrease human-caused CO2 emissions. And not just by a bit, but by an estimated 20-35%. This is more than all the trees around you and me can take care of.

The next time you mindlessly pop your groceries into plastic bags or settle for the coke (the drink) dressed in plastic instead of glass (which tastes way better anyway), think of the Lanternfish and what it does for fighting the climate change we caused in the first place.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Thank you for staying with me on this one.
Now, go look at some art. I said art, not … oh, well whatever…

What’s up Next?

After all this non-art stuff let’s dig up some works again that I came by already a few weeks ago!

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As you def know by now I let my thoughts wander when looking at art, that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?. What has been your key exhibition in letting your thoughts wander – and wonder?

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