Art Berlin or Lucky Lucy and the Berlin Gold Rush

An Art Fair to Remember

Art Berlin - Angela Kaisers

Hello to all of you who’ve made it to the other side! I’m talking Berlin Art Week of course! But, no worries no matter where you are, in Berlin, in bed or in New York, I got you covered as before with talks on art, material and my extremely subjective points of view. Yay!

So let me take you back a few days to Art Berlin at Flughafen Tempelhof, let me show you – once again, and no, I will not so easily give up on that one – that art is not just a painting decorating your living room!

Where the White Mustangs Reign

It’s getting cold, it’s getting gray, Berlin has seen its first fall days. And with this melancholic sensation of well known feelings of coming days with way less light, the artist-blogger-hybrid makes her way into the realms of a last late summer day. Well, of course I should have known better. Known from last year that art fairs might not be the best cure for early-fall-depression. While walking in through the big doors, into the halls of Tempelhof airport I cursed myself for not just strolling down Tempelhofer Feld instead. Strolling, touched by the sun, instead of by artificial, brutal (read: supposedly artwork friendly) light. But here she is, the lonely cowgirl, making her way through the cubicles that promise art for sale, and that’s the thing you have to understand, not necessarily for excitement. And while she rides through canyons and cubicles of art, plains and walls of static canvasses, with no sound nor emotion touching her art hungry soul, sees herds of white mustangs but so few mares, she feels a hollowness, a stingy pain of what still seems to sell best and make collectors happy. It’s a desert compared to what I come across each week that’s not branded Berlin Art Week in galleries throughout this city. No, no, don’t get me wrong, your cowgirl is indeed quite happy to see art being sold, galleries being able to go on existing and artists making money with their art and not by making coffee or cleaning houses. It’s just who and what still gets pushed to be part of that cycle that makes her feel so troubled.

Sanctuaries for a Troubled Soul

But hey, every desert has its oasis, right?! At least one source of water for your soul, mind and artistic taste. A place that embraces your needs politically and aesthetically. Equipped with such uplifting thoughts, she keeps on going, passing by more stables and hardened squares. But right she was! And your Lucky Lucy does not have to leave all disappointed after all. Fresh spring water does emerge from time to time, some water wells here and there, keeping everything – and me – alive.

Two of those refreshing sources I will point out for you today. One, that shouldn’t and actually doesn’t come as big surprise, since it’s one of my most favorite Berlin galleries, Tanja Wagner. Another one, a gallery from quite far away, from Chicago to be precise, even more precise: gallery Marc LeBlanc. And with those galleries come two artists’ works, one that literally embraces you, one that is full of embraces, hugs and even more intimate touches.

Art Berlin - Sejla Kameric and Isabel Yellin

Art Berlin Luckily feat. Two Angels for Lucy

All those hours you spend circling around the art, you might easily forget that this is not just about you embracing art but the artworks embracing you. Oh, yes. And Šejla Kamerić series Maze will definitely not let you easily off the hook. See, it’s one thing to create artworks that look pretty in your living room and another to create artworks that have a political voice. It’s one thing to create political artworks and another to create them aesthetically appealing. It’s one thing to create artworks that hang on your wall and another to create works that fully come to life when worn in public, embracing every step you take. How do you like your Primark scarves and sweaters now?

And while you – and yes, me too – are all caught up in social media, blurting out images of art and bearers of important names, tweets of what we see and how you should feel about it all, Isabel Yellin and here sculpture series Velvet Concrete comes to save your soul and reminds not just herself but all of us of why people are out there giving you free hugs and why trying Kaspar Hauser will always end up badly.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Once more, and no, not because my mind was set on this, but because this is just the way I am, of all the works to see at this mighty fair, the fairest of them all to me are based on fibers. Think haptic… and the sensation of touch.

What’s up Next?

Well, in this weather I wish I had a travel blog, researching sunny beaches and telling you about all the shades the ocean has. But I guess some dreamy paintings will cheer me up as well!

Let’s Chat!

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