In her artworks Angela Kaisers reflects on people‘s behavior within structures of power and in situations of emotional conflict. She looks at past historical events and current incidents alike, exposes recurring constellations and patterns and discusses how the conscious present is configured and in which ways it can be and is being reprogrammed.

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Oranienstr. 25
10999 Berlin

Geovanna Gonzalez / Giegold & Weiss / Laura Jones / Angela Kaisers / Ileana Pascalau / Plural Authorship Collective / Tabita Rezaire / Anaïs Senli / Eve Tagny / Anna Uddenberg / Kandis Williams / Miriam Yammad / Inga Zimprich

Curated by Coven Berlin.

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Jimmy Carter & Patty Hearst - Embroidery

Angela, Looking at Art

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